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We are TXR

The people on this list are extremly special to TXR. Each has contributed so much to the Xbox Community and to this Podcast. Essentially, we wouldnt be hear without them, making this Podcast what it is today.
This is a small way to say thank you to those who has contributed to the show. We love you...
Doc Cupcake
Bella Ryse
Diego V.
A current member of TXR. Doc has served our great country, is a US NAVY VET [⚓] GT:DocCupCake, Univ San Diego,   Creator, Xbox Community Loyalist, Gamer and Game Creator #ProjectKnighthood

Bella has been an awesome contributer to TXR. Editor & Chief EXL Gaming, Community Manager for Drop Dead Interactive, Home of the Developers Workshop Podcast:  , & Clan Leader of 0RSM
A talented Artist. Diego has done a lot of artwork around the community.
Independant Graphic Artist / Stay At Home Dad / Friend / Gamer / Tryna Do What I Can / K.I.M. Keep It Movin' / Portfolio Link Below
Jay Williams
Jeremy Downer
Designer | Husband | Father | Entrepreneur | Gamer | Lover of Metal. DM me if you need any kind of design work for your YouTube or social media channels.
This man is talented.

The WorryWart was a powerful personality on TXR. The intelligent and itellectual Worry gave a unique perspective on the industry. He will be missed..

The Downer gain his rep for being exactly that.. a Downer. Who cares he's gone? Nobody? He walked away from TXR with his head down high, July 2016.